10 cheapest countries to live

1. India
First place in the ranking goes to India. As the owner of a particular atmosphere, this wonderful country will give you a month of living in the warmth and comfort of a mere 80-100 dollars !!! for those who do not believe, accommodation is cheap, you must pay $ 30 per person, meals – $ 10 per week, additional costs – even $ 10. Total 30 + 40 + 10 = $ 80 and heavenly life is provided!



2. Thailand

Second place rightfully belongs to the Kingdom of Thailand. The cost of living here a month will cost $ 140, 30 of which will go for housing, the rest will be spent on fruits, vegetables and, of course, chicken with noodles or rice.

3. Indonesia
In third place – Indonesia. After paying about $ 160, you can feel like a real Indonesian. A huge number of fruits and sun-drenched beaches – that’s calling card of this country. But it’s better to work exclusively through the Internet, because Indonesia has the highest unemployment.



4. Laos
The fourth place is occupied by Laos. To stay in this hospitable country should be prepared just $ 200 per person.

5. Nauru

Fifth place rightfully belongs to Nauru, a small country located in the Pacific Ocean. Month stay in this quiet and peaceful country, will cost only $ 250!

6. Guatemala
In sixth place – Guatemala. This mountainous country located in Central America – the source of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of ancient civilizations. It is famous for its amazing nature and an abundance of tropical fruits. For $ 200 you can stay in a great one-bedroom apartment with all amenities. Generally it will take about 120 dollars. Total 320 USD and a month of rest in the comfort and full maintenance is guaranteed!



7. Cambodia

The seventh place in the ranking belongs to Cambodia. Meals and accommodation in the country will cost just $ 335 a month!



8. Philippines

On the eighth place in the ranking of the cheapest countries in the world, are the Philippines. On average, in order to live well for a month is required to pay $ 350.

9. Costa Rica
On the ninth place is picturesque Costa Rica. As well as Belize, the country is located in Central America. Monthly accommodation with private facilities and meals here will cost about $ 375.

10. Belize
Tenth place in our ranking is Belize located in the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. The country is an active diving and miraculous beauties of nature. Everything is there for a rest: beautiful scenery and a warm subtropical climate. For $ 500 you can spend a whole month!100


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