10 secrets of good immunity

10 secrets of good immunity

How beautiful Spring is: the snow melts, the sun warms gently. But for some reason there are no forces to enjimmune2oy the awakening of nature: the tormented lethargy, drowsiness. The reason for this state is reduced immunity and vitamin deficiencies, frequent guests of the off-season. How to boost immunity, restore vigor and activity? There are 10 secrets.

Secret №1: movement is life

Any doctor will confirm this truth, of course, if you have no contraindications. To begin with it’s best to walk, because walking is considered to be the easiest and most affordable type of physical activity. It is best to allocate for a walk about 2 hours per day. Go to the park, take a gift the brain, which is constantly in a state of oxygen deficiency. The results did not take long to wait: the work of the body, as a whole, is activated to increase resistance to a number of diseases.

Secret №2: food

Another recommendation concerns the actual diet. We advise to take useful immunostimulatory products, which include:skin-healthy-food-1409877801




-Garlic / Onion.



-Сitrus and so on.

Secret №3: massage

Of course, you can visit specialists, but also it’s possible to learn self-massage. It can give a good effect, if you do massage regularly. Information on this topic is in the public domain. So, working on biological active points of feet and hands, you activate protective processes of the body.

To make things easier, you can buy a special massage mat and lay it in the bathroom. So you will take classes just a few minutes a day, while brushing your teeth, and the results will surpass all expectations!

Secret №4: Take a cold shower
To enhance immunity and resistance to diseases, it is better to start taking cold showers in the spring. “Start” to cool wiping moving gradually to douche hands and feet with cold water. If you feel well, since the onset of summer begin to complete. The main thing – do not hurry up and listen to your feelings.

Secret №5: healthy sleep

Good sleep has an important role. It helps to rejuvenate and relax. In Ideal – schedule going to bed before midnight, scientists proved that the most valuable hours for sleep are from 10 pm until 2 nights.
Secret №6: Sauna

Yes, in a very real sense, if, again, you have no contraindications (see a specialist, make sure you do not have such procedures are contraindicated for health reasons, such as heart disease).

So you clean the skin, will open the pores, recalculate the toxins. Well, douches or pool will give lightness in the body.

Secret №7: good mood

Spring – a time for change and revival. Watch as there are new leaves rise and the sun is getting warmer and warmer. Smile several times a day, even if right now it does not feel like it.

Secret №8: warm clothing

One may worry about immunity, but if you’re not dressed for the weather, sickness and discouragement will not take long to wait. In the spring it often seems that it’s already very warm, but the weather is changeable, so be carefull.

Secret №9: bath

Bathing – it is not just a pleasant ritual, but also an opportunity to “treat” the immune system, making it more stable. An excellent choice – it is welcome bath with herbal decoctions. You can use sea buckthorn, wild rose, currants, raspberries. Combine business with pleasure – the protection of immunity with aromatherapy.

Secret №10: take care of yourself

Get a useful habit to be healthy!

Now you know the 10 secrets, and if you use them, spring will bring you a lot of joy and positive emotions, however, as any other season.

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