5 super masks for hands


Hands – is a business card of every woman! Do you want to make them look beautiful and well-groomed? Effect can be achieved with just 5 masks.

Soothing Mask

Five tablespoons of oatmeal mixed with two tablespoons of brewed black tea. Put the mass on the hands, wear cotton gloves for an hour. If possible, leave the mask during night – in the morning your hands will be soft and smooth as a baby.

hand mask

Rejuvenating Maskhand mask

Rub on a small grater small apple (yellow or red), add three teaspoons of olive oil and cream (or sour cream). The resulting mush put on hands, leave for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. The effect is noticeable after the first procedure. By the way, this mask is perfect for face too.

Nourishing Mask

A teaspoon of honey mixed with egg yolk, apply the resulting slurry on the hands, wear cotton gloves or plastic bags and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. This hand mask nourishes the skin well.

hand maskSoothing Mask

Clean four potatoes, boil until cooked, grind and mix with four tablespoons of milk. Dip your hands in the resulting puree and keep up until it cools down. Mask perfectly heals small scratches and soothes chapped skin.

Cleansing Scrub Mask

Mix two tablespoons of vegetable oil with four tablespoons of sugar. Circular massage movements resulting mush rub into the skin. Take each hand three minutes and rinse residues with warm water. Another scrub can be made by mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice with a spoon of salt (preferably big). Important: do not use a mask containing lemon juice or any other acid if there are scratches or inflammation on your hands.hand mask

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