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Maahy Art

Maahy Drawings – Source of Inspiration

The artistic drawings of Maahy became inspiration for many young artists from different corners of the world. The 18-year-old fellow from the Maldives calls himself a beginning illustrator, researcher and inspirer, who enjoys life. This …
chocolate pancakes

Recipe of Chocolate Small Pancakes

Small, delicious chocolate small pancakes are a great breakfast and an excellent dessert for lovers ofchocolate baking! You can cook them quickly. Chocolate small pancakes are delicious hot or warm. Try thistasty delicacy cold with …
Tomoko Shintani Art

Tomoko Shintani Art

Tomoko Shintani is a representative of modern art drawings appearing on paper with the help of a pigment liner and her unlimited imagination. Her wonderful drawings became popular accidentally. Once she was sitting in Starbucks …
Short haircuts

Short haircuts: Pros and Cons

Challenge to society In the beginning of the XXth century, when a woman cut her hair, it was a shock or a challenge to society. In all countries, traditionally women were supposed to have long …

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