Autumn shades for best make up

Coming each time, autumn brings in its “purse” surprises for our ladies: the new fashion looks, trends in make-up and styles of looks. This fall has brought to us all shades of chocolate and coffee. Each tone which refers to “brown shades” gets into “trendy tops” automatically. However, even with these familiar colors each lady wants to look absolutely unique. For this reason every season new methods of application which work differently with the same makeup and shades are used. We are exploring all the options!

• Dense layer
Autumn shades make up

The tendency to apply a layer of dense shade was used before. This fall the trend comes back. However, the method of shades application will require some make-up skills. If smoky eyes makeup has shaded borders, and some little mistakes in make-up application are acceptable, in case with a dense application be careful and very accurate. You should maintain smooth borders and ensure symmetry. The matching color pencil can be used as a base, so shades will be applied smoothly and without gaps. Apply chocolate shades using a flat synthetic brush moistened with water: make soft, pressing movements, using more amount of make-up shades than ever and trying not to lose them in the process. Even if you work with a great accuracy, the eye-shades can get to the lower eyelid. To correct this mistake, apply a dry brush to clean everything “extra” from your skin.

• Black and chocolate
Autumn shades make up

Pure brown eye shades are good for blue eyes, in the rest variants it is better to combine this make-up with classic black along the lash line. The make-up does not have to be rich: use simple a very thin line eyeliner or a very sharp pencil for eyes. It is better to use black mascara, otherwise your eyes will be “lost’ on the face.

• Total “nude”
Autumn shades make up

Use brown shades for everything: eye shades make-up, lipstick, correcting of your eyebrows. Use matt and not very dark shadows and beveled brush to draw the line of cheekbones! Excellent quality eye shades of light chocolate tones can be used to your “total” makeup.

• Retro look
Autumn shades make up

Brown eye shades and chocolate lipstick are the signs of the past. Brown is an amazing color, it always look natural and at the same time fashionable. With bright brown lips you will get the image from the 1950, with dark make-up your imagination “time machine” will transfer you to the early times. Be more careful using dark make-up, not to become the star of the 1980s disco. To stay in romantic image of the 1970s, use minimum mascara, but apply actively eye shades. To make the image more interesting play with effects – matte and shiny brown will give completely different character and mood.

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