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Maahy Art

Maahy Drawings – Source of Inspiration

The artistic drawings of Maahy became inspiration for many young artists from different corners of the world. The 18-year-old fellow from the Maldives calls himself a beginning illustrator, researcher and inspirer, who enjoys life. This …
Tomoko Shintani Art

Tomoko Shintani Art

Tomoko Shintani is a representative of modern art drawings appearing on paper with the help of a pigment liner and her unlimited imagination. Her wonderful drawings became popular accidentally. Once she was sitting in Starbucks …
Loui Jover

Loui Jover’s newspaper art

Illustrator Loui Jover painted a new series of illustrations. All illustrations are handled serially in his own style, drawn by ink on the pages of books, newspapers and magazines.  
Follow me to India

Follow me to: India

This time in the lens of the photographer is historical district and attractions of Udaipur, Delhi, Varanasi and Jaipur. Photographer Murad Osmann, known for a series of photos #followmeto, continued his photo project in India. …

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