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Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller: Funny Celebs

Martin Schoeller – one of the most famous portrait photographers of our time. He tooks photos of celebrities. Martin works with Esquire, Rolling Stone, New Yorker, Vogue и Vanity Fair. Although the artist’s favorite genre – portrait, shot …

Top Chemical Reactions – Must watch

1.Pharaoh’s Serpent (Mercury (II) Thiocyanate Reacts with Oxygen 2.Burning match 3.Hydrogel beads and colored water 4.Chlorine tablet and rubbing alcohol in closed bottle 5.Blood and Hydrogen Peroxide 6.Fuming Nitric Acid Reacts and Nitrile Gloves 7.Rubidium …

Cute dog Zappa

Zappa is a super-cute dog very similar to beloved Sid from the Ice Age. The Italian greyhound became popular all over the world after losing all but two teeth and starting sticking its tongue out …

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