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get fid of a belly

How to get fid of a belly?

Flat trained belly is not given to all of us as a “birth gift”, meanwhile most of people are guilty in their bad shape themselves. Enough complaining for your inherited “bad tummy”and start working at …
lose weight

What if the weight returns? The easiest tips to gain…never!

What if the weight returns? The easiest tips to gain…never! Only 19% Only 19% of women which have lost their weight can save the result of their diet. The rest 81% can’t keep the weight which they got due to their restrictions. However, there must be the way out. The nutritionist and fitness trainer advice will be helpful for those who gain soon after they stop keeping to a certain diet. Do not panic First of all, do not panic and start a new, even more strict diet to lose gained pounds soon. If you start to “rock” your body using this method, you brain will get a signal: “Soon I will get no food” and start to work in “energy saving” mode. It will not burn all calories you get saving some of them to be used later. During strict diets, especially with the lack of protein, we lose muscle mass. The oxidation of fatty acids to water comes exactly in the muscle cells. If the amount of them reduces, your metabolism slows down. If you see you started to gain, do the following things: Analyze what you eat If before, when you were keeping diet, you ate certain products, now you can eat everything and you do not …

Exercises for slim waist

Exercises for slim waist There is a huge amount of exercises for the waist, but how to choose the best ones, that will help you become slim once and for all? Here are a few …

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