Duomo di Milano – Cathedral

Majestic and magnificent Milan Cathedral is the largest and most beautiful Gothic church in Italy. The first stone was laid in 1386 but cathedral construction lasted for more than 5 centuries. At the beginning it was planned to create church using fired bricks. But in 1387 it was accepted to build Duomo using marble in Gothic style which was more suitable for France than for Italy. In 1418 Milan Cathedral was consecrated but its facade was still unready. And only in 19-th century Napoleon had completely finished this glamorous construction.

Milan’s Duomo is really great cathedral. About 40 thousand of people can comfortably stay inside simultaneously. As it has been constructed for about 6 centuries it has Gothic, Baroque and Neo-Classical details and sculptures. On the roof there are plenty of pinnacles and spires topped with great statues. The highest spire is 109 meters. Most of large windows are decorated with stained glass.
Milan Cathedral is situated in heart of the city and has perfect views from its roof where you can get using stairs or lift.


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