Floor Length Skirts – how to wear?

Fashion – is a capricious woman, whose interests are constantly changing. Some people like it and some people do not really, but nevertheless with the fashion we have to live, she again returned to us long skirts. These skirts were extremely fashionable among girls and women. There were summer and winter versions. Now the fashion is back, and you can use it . We just need to know how to wear floor length skirts.

In order not to seem ridiculous, the skirt must be chosen, focusing on the type of shape, your benefits are important to emphasize and disadvantages should be hidden. If you pick the right skirt, you will be able to boast not only its beauty, but also show your own advantages.

If you have wide hips, you will look great in maxi skirt with inserts on the sides and prints. A good addition to the skirt is a soft belt. Owners of wide hips need to move away from unnecessary frilly details, large figures and shimmering fabrics.

If you consider yourself to be owner of the narrow hips, you should buy or sew a skirt, which will help to round them visually. Your goal – skirts with ruffles, pleats and ruffles. Do not be limited in color.

If we talk about fashion this season, do not forget the pleated skirt. Promised to be on the podium other options of skirts with pleats and straight cut skirt with sexy cut-fitting shape and model.

For business woman ideal option will be strict tight skirt in combination with surround riding – jacket or blouse with ruffles free breed.

Floor Length Skirts

Floor Length Skirts Floor Length Skirts

Floor Length Skirts_8

It’s very important to choose the right top to the skirt. The most successful options for cool weather are waisted leather jacket, long coat or warm fur vest. In warm weather, it’s enough to complement the image with a T-shirt, top, elegant and classic blouse, denim shirt, turtleneck, or a jacket.

Pay attention to the shoes. It is preferable to wear high heels and elegant stud, because of it the image will be more feminine. For winter suit boots, low boots or the neat shoes. During warmer months, give preference to sandals and shoes on elegant platform.

Don’t forget about the accessories. Gold jewelry greatly combines with the classic length skirt. Silver chain, ring, and bracelet will be a great addition to suede or denim skirt.

Bag. Purse to maxi skirt is better to choose a small, barely noticeable. It is not necessary to overload the feminine image. It is much more profitable to focus on the skirt and not on the details.

Floor Length Skirts Floor Length Skirts
Floor Length Skirts Floor Length Skirts

Floor Length Skirts

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