How to get fid of a belly?

Flat trained belly is not given to all of us as a “birth gift”, meanwhile most of people are guilty in their bad shape themselves. Enough complaining for your inherited “bad tummy”and start working at improving the situation: you will dramatically change your appearance.

First, ask honestly (!) which bad habit could become a reason of your big belly. If you think that only overeating is guilty, you are mistaken. Let us check which are the most popular reasons of gaining.

• Reason #1: eating habits
get fid of a belly

The facts prove: your favorite jeans do not fit in you anymore because someone eats too much. However, the reason of gaining is not in amount of food you “swallow” but in its quality. Problems with abdominal occur when you use certain products, mainly – legumes – peas and beans. The habit of chewing gum causes abdominal distention. When chewing pressurized air is pumped into the digestive tract. If you chew gum constantly you “pump up” the volume of the abdomen. Do not talk while eating and do not swallow food in a hurry.

• Solution: Eat small portions of meal often. Do not mix foods which turn your stomach into the air cushion. Fermented milk is not combined with carbonated soft drinks. In ideal all products should be eaten separately from the starchy potatoes, maize and beans. Create a calories deficit, but not reduce them to a minimum. It is not necessary to begin starving: the body will decide that “hungry times” have come and start to store fat.

• Reason #2: lack of exerciseget fid of a belly

Even if we do everything right: eat slowly and healthy food, but spend hours in the office, we get a belly. The body gets more calories than it spends.

• Solution: eat “right” food, move more. Choose aerobic fitness: ride a bike, run, jump rope. Such activity speeds up the metabolism and destroys the “evil plans” of the body to accumulate fat. A brisk walk in the fresh air works well. US scientists have proved that only 2.5 hours of active walking per week can help to reduce the volume of stomach at least for an inch.

• Reason #3: bad posture
get fid of a belly

Everyone knows that bad posture makes the look of your breast worse. However, one of the reasons of getting a fat tummy is your awful posture. The body “bends” and the stomach creates a “balance”.

• Solution: check your posture and start doing exercises to correct it.

• Reason #4: stress
get fid of a belly

Exhausting work “wears”not only the mind, but also the body. Under any stress our body releases a hormone called cortisol, which blocks the brain information about the feeling of satiety. So you are constantly hungry, eat and gain weight.

• Solution: Stick to a box a picture with a terrible mug. Every day, write down on a piece of paper all the unpleasant thoughts that itch in your head, and “feed” them your “monster” – place them in this box. At the end of the week reread accumulated complaints and discard anything that has lost relevance. When you get rid of these papers “physically”the stress will run away from you.

• Reason #5: natural reasons
get fid of a belly

Here you should not feel guilty for your big belly if you have:
– endocrine problems,
– you are pregnant or just gave a birth to a baby,
– your have a male body type.

• Solution: all of these reasons have their own solution. In case with endocrine problems only a doctor will help (check blood to exclude diabetes). After giving a birth to a baby do special exercises, which will return a flat tummy to you. In case with a male body type you should try all of the above. The most extreme measure to get rid of a belly is liposuction.
get fid of a belly

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