How to look younger: tips from Isabelle Carron

Isabel – creator of the brand Absolution. She is 52, but this number does not fit in my head when you look at her. A thin, athletic, energetic; a little ray of “smile wrinkles” around the eyes, but the smile is so charming, that face looks incredibly natural. Isabelle Carron shares some secrets of her youth.

Isabelle Carron
1. Do not think about age
I do not remember when I had my first wrinkle. Perhaps it was so long ago … Or I just was not important. That, of course, is important, because we do not all look younger every year, but in comparison with other worries it was not a discovery of the year. For his age, I look good, but for me it was always important to take care of myself. My children, husband, company, friends, home – I can easily manage to think about it, not about age. Too much to do -call it the secret of inner peace, if you want.
2. Feel young
When people say that I look younger than my years, I am happy. But much more I am glad that I do not feel old. Of course, I had that day when I saw myself in the mirror and looked like my mother. And then it came to mind one thought: “O. God. My “. But look at it from another way: if you do not feel that old, it’s great!
3. Do not forget about taking care of yourself
I’m not very responsible person in the context of beauty and bad habits. I smoke. Sometimes I allow myself to drink. I’m a little sleep, I go to sleep between 2-3 o’clock in the morning every day. I do not go to the spa, because I always do not have time. But I always take off makeup and in the evening put at least one cream.
Massage – one of the best things that can happen to your skin. I confess, I do not do it every time applying the cream, but I try not to forget about it at least every other day. It helps cosmetics to penetrate deeper and improves microcirculation, it’s very important, especially in the age when all the natural processes slow down.

6. Do not be offended by other people’s opinion
The issue of age is always teetering on the brink. On the one hand, it is somehow inappropriate to ask the age, on other – people are always evaluated age, when they look at you. When, for example, suddenly start talking to you, “woman,” not “girl”. When they call you “madam” or “woman” – you should be flattered. It is not talking about age, but rather on maturity.

7. Stop worrying
We all need is to stop worrying about the age, after all. We need to take care of ourself to be in a good shape. In fact, this is the paradox of life – we continue to learn and grow all life, not only after 18 or 25. Sometimes I meet thirties who looks frankly bad. Just stop worrying, think about building your life, not that the reflection in the mirror was beautiful. Of course, it is important to feel beautiful, I have been working in the beauty industry and it would be cunning to say “forget about everything.” Just worry a little less. And remember that the women you see in magazines – are not real. This aliens just a little look like people.
8.Do not seek the unattainable
Beauty is not perfection. This is something that you can hardly explain in a few words, and indeed in the words. This is a harmony between a dozen imperfections, then, as a variety of features are combined in one person in an absolutely unique way. So you can be beautiful and attractive, without being perfect. It’s magic.

Isabelle Carron Isabelle Carron

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