Ideal Makeup – Drawing Arrows

Ideal makeup – drawing arrows:

* Arrows need to be drawn, always keeping on the eyeshadows. The color is selected depending on the image – from a vanilla frosted (which will be virtually unnoticeable) to dark brown or silver-gray or any other color.

* White, light gray and flesh colored arrow, held on the upper eyelid, optically increases eyes

* Tip of the arrow should be playfully pointed

* Use every cosmetic product for its intended purpose. For example, solid pencil is not suitable for the inner surface of the eyelids: they can injure delicate mucous membranes of the eyes or cause allergies.


* Owners of small deep-set eyes are better to choose clean, bright colors – blue, green, purple. And to forget about black, brown and dark gray. These colors only accentuate flaws.

* For large convex eyes black feather soft line is perfect.

* When you have finished the arrow on the upper eyelid, do not forget about lower one to complete makeup look. You can either draw a line on it with a pencil the same shade or beige-brown to emphasize only the outer corner of the eye.

Look for best choice especially for you – classical or pin-up.








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