Ideas how to make patio area more comfortable

Not every owner of a private house can boast with a large garden. Nevertheless, a small patio is not a reason to give up its design and let things take their course.

There are many ways of how to transform a small yard and make it cozy and comfortable. Having chosen a suitable place for a recreation area, we can proceed to its arrangement.

Tips for making your patio a masterpiece:

  1. One of the greatest ways to decorate a patio is a bicycle. How nice it looks. Some magic soars in the air and any space are instantly filled with French charm. To make the whole picture looked even more beautiful, we advise you to paint bicycle in some cheerful shade. It’s better to choose plants with lush greenery and lots of flower buds.
  2. For friendly meetings that sometimes last up to the night, the arbor can be placed anywhere, but with a shed. A “must-have” of comfortable recreation in the evening and at night is the right lighting. So you can place it just under a shed.
  3. Outdoor furniture and outdoor umbrellas play a key role in the decoration and arrangement of the garden or patio. Refined and elegant garden furniture can create a shade of the aristocratic environment and an atmosphere of calm. It lets for some time to break away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Strong, durable, stylish and attractive, it allows you to create a cozy sitting area.

Here are some main benefits of the rattan furniture that won’t leave you indifferent.

Surprisingly attractive rattan furniture gives a special elegance to the exterior, drawing admiring glances. Fine weaves create subtle patterns that give rattan furniture a kind of individuality.

Due to the plasticity of rattan fibers, one can create objects of any complexity and configuration: armchairs and chairs of unusual shapes, garden furniture, beds, bars and much more.

Rattan furniture looks luxurious at the outdoor veranda or in the gazebo or just in the open air.

Besides, it is important to consider that rattan furniture (both natural and artificial) is rather capricious. After long-term use it may be deformed if it is exposed to sun and temperature extremes. In cold weather, this furniture needs to be removed to the cover.

Furniture made of artificial rattan is much cheaper than of a natural material, but it is significantly inferior in its operational capacities. The cost of wicker furniture from rattan or willow varies greatly, depending on the method of weaving, product density, its processing and the actual manufacturer.

Wicker garden rattan furniture looks good in almost any color shade. On the background of dark furniture shades, bright and soft pillows of removable seats will look much better and attractive. Such rattan composition for the rest creates the atmosphere of living in the open air. At such cozy patio you can relax or invite family guests.

In addition, in the evening a place for rest can be easily transformed into a stage for the party. So, it’s up to you to decide.

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