Lose weight like the stars: Tips from Hollywood trainer

Sometimes it seems that celebrities’ amazing figures is the result of some magic. In reality, under the ideal bodies hide many hours of hard work in the fitness center, a strict diet and the support of experienced mentors, who do not give to relax. A piece of advice from Tracy Anderson  – personal trainer of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.

By nature Tracy  had a tendency to be overweight, but Anderson has created an image of a fragile and petite women. Those who look for the same results, are given the following tips.

15 minutes a day will not help you. Tracy Anderson became famous thanks to the fantastic ability to create the perfect body of a woman of any build, even in a short period of time. However, her favourite quote is: “If all what you can do – is 15 minutes of exercise a day, it’s vetter not  even to start.”

Resist the monotony. Every 9-10 days, according to Tracy, you need to change the type of exercise. The latest version of its author’s program is designed for 90 days of intensive training for an hour a day. Every 9 days the character of strength training varies according to the type of the program (a total number is four – for each type of the female figure). Anderson advises to put the emphasis  on supporting muscle groups: she believes that it does not allow the body to grow muscles and look sexy and feminine. One of the biggest Tracy’s wins – singer Britney Spears, who has lost 20 kilos in six months. The main method of individual approach to work with Britney Spears, according to her instructor, became a mix of Pilates, ballet and classical dance.
We changed the training every 10 days. This is the secret. So you can “trick” the muscles, it allows you to raise their tone.”

Try to exercise as much as possible. “Exercise at least 4-6 times a week, and devote the first half of hour to kardio, alternating the treadmill with jumping rope, and then go to the main part of the training – advises the coach. – Move in a rapid pace, without reducing it. ”

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