Love is a Rose – Thomas Lieser

A quiet perfectness of the eternity of life is depicted in an astonishing photo of Sculpture Love is a Rose made by a talented photo artist Thomas Lieser. The breathtaking mourning expressed by a sad female angel was found among the graves of the Vienna cemetery. The photographer managed to catch the very right gripping set of a tiny angel framed by sharp tree branches with crispy lifeless brown leaves on them. And to increase the feeling of the immediate shortness of life the author noticed a tiny little rose in the hand of the sad angel that has also been touched by the ruthless time.

With a famous photo of a Sculpture Love is a Rose – Thomas Lieser continues to show the never ending wonders of his native place Vienna that is full of fading beauty. The artist tries to show real touching atmosphere of old Austrian capital finding the new senses in old passing away streets of the city. The expressive moment of a Sculpture Love is a Rose does not only make everyone think of the bondedness of life but also gives hope to be loved and remembered in the future.

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