Manicure ideas for the charming lady

Manicure ideas

Details are very important, especially when it comes to women’s hands. Well-groomed, beautiful hands with a smooth, silky skin and neat manicure – one of the main criteria of attractive girl.

Today, the fashion industry offers thousands of different solutions manicure, both for short and for long nails. But before experimenting with the design, you should properly prepare the nails and skin. There are a few steps to make manicure at home.

To resume your hands and clean the nail plate use the scrub for hands and nails. After the first application of peeling significantly improves the condition of the hands, the skin becomes soft and smooth.

After peeling and soften the skin you can begin to remove the cuticle. For nails look neat and tidy, can not do without high-quality scissors and nail files. Manicure set – the most useful and necessary thing for the correct form of nails.

Using scissors, manicure and nail files, you can gently grind and polish the nails, attach the free edge of the necessary form. Taking the form of nails, hands, consider the shape and characteristics of the nail plate. For example, if your nails are relatively flat, you perfectly fit the square shape. If they do not grow very smoothly, then give preference to a semi-circular or round shape.

Now your hands look neat and tidy. Time to start the fun part – manicure.

Plain manicure
Plain or monotonous manicure – the most popular because it is simple to perform and versatile for everyday life and for special evenings. Nail design, made in one color is perfect for any style. From you only need to choose the appropriate color and gently apply varnish on the nails. For short nails is better to choose a light color, as dark color visually reduces the plate.

During the year will be popular pastel shades as bright and matte varnishes unexpected colors – UV, soft light green, lemon and raspberry shades. It is worth noting that the very popular recently enjoyed matte varnishes muted colors. Qualitatively made matte manicure perfectly complements the image of a modern fashion diva.

08cade214da5bf38e395a42fd81c7234 Unique-French-Nail-Polish

Manicure style Minx
Minx Nails – Nail Design is made by means of special iron-on transfers, a great option to complement the image of the evening. Hits of the season – a gold film minx, mirrored Minx nail design with steel gleam and leopard print nail art. Spectacular, extraordinarily beautiful design rightfully deserves the queen of the evening.

minx-silver minx_1

Golden Lightning by Terrance Terry photo by Brandon Wiggins
Moon manicure
This elegant, but at the same time romantic nail design originated in the last century. But this year he returned to the admirers of retro style. What is it unique? The whole trick of this manicure that part of the nail plate, which is called the “hole” is released in one color lacquer base – other. Moon manicure has much in common with the French, but it is a separate kind of nail art.

 halfmoon1-525x787  nails
essielapisofluxuryhalfmoonmanicure RuffianRed

French manicure

If you do not betray the classics, then a win-win situation for you – a French manicure, variations of which are more than stars in the sky. This could be a classic jacket with soft pastel shades and transparent varnish and colorful French nail art. It all depends on your imagination and, of course, the mood!

13 oomphelicious-wordpress-com_coloured-french-manicure-25

“Ombre” or gradient manicure

That’s a pretty bold extravagant variation of nail art, which looks very stylish and unusual.

Bright manicure made in multiple colors with a smooth transition, the image adds a special piquancy. Skillfully chosen color compositions can decorate your fingers are not only a fun party, but also in the theater or restaurant. It all depends on your preferences and desires. Experiment with your heart’s desire!

Vampy+Ombre+Nails+on+What+I+Wore ombre2


IMG_6784-imp IMG_5174

To make beautiful, original manicure at home, you need not too much effort. Taking advantage of convenient tools, special tools and high-quality paints, you can create a great manicure. And if you inspired by the spring mood and imagination, then you can turn your hands into a work of art. Do not believe ?! And you try and see for yourself!

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