Moisturizing Face Masks at Home

 Moisturizing Face Masks at Home

The skin starts to deteriorate when loses its natural moisture. To retain moisture, you can adopt various means and among them is home cosmetology.

Like our body, the skin consists of 70% of water, and has the ability to evaporate through the pores. With the lack of moisture the skin, an intensive process of cellular aging occurs. As a result, there are unexpected wrinkles.

Women who have constantly dry skin, most likely to need moisturizing face. But this does not mean that even normal epidermis cell don’t requires water saturation using regular procedures. To keep skin silky and clean for the long term, cleanser is not enough, but moisturizing mask, trace elements, which are in the bowels of the skin, will perfectly serve for the good of your face.

How to apply moisturizing mask?
First of all, to start making a mask, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned, remove all excess dirt.
After the procedure is not recommended to rub, touch the face.

Honey Mask
Perhaps it will be the best choice against skin peeling. For preparing you will need 50 ml of honey mix with 1 egg yolk and 50 g of vegetable oil. The resulting mass should be warmed up slightly, before you apply. It is necessary to impose mask evenly,layer by layer, each with pauses for 6-7 minutes. Remove mask with cotton swab.
Oatmeal Mask
Cook 2 big spoons of oatmeal with milk, the result should be something similar to mashed potatoes. Then give it time to cool down and pour some honey. Then leave warm mask for 20 minutes.

Mask with the addition of carrot
Mix one large spoonful of cream with 1 egg yolk, then stir with one small spoonful of carrot juice and exert, and wait about 20 minutes. The mask is removed by warm vegetable oil then cool water. It moistens and gives a nice color.

Moisturizing Face Moisturizing Face Moisturizing Face Moisturizing Face Moisturizing Face

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