Permanent Makeup / Tattoo – Pros & Cons

Permanent make-up is a cosmetic procedure, when a special dye is injected under the skin in order to create the effect of make-up or hide some burns or scars. It can easily substitute cosmetics, but the effect of it is much longer.

Permanent Makeup

There are many different procedures of permanent make-up including:
– Permanent eyeliner
– Eyebrow tattoos
– Permanent lip shading or permanent lipstick
– Permanent tattoo over the scar or a burn
– Tattoo over the bags under your eyes
– Or even improvement of your hair density

lips permanent makeup

lips permanent makeup

Not everyone can agree to experience such a procedure, so let’s mention its benefits:

1. You can forget about everyday make-up, saving much of your time and money, which could be spent on cosmetics.

2. You do not have to hurry to the bathroom early in the morning as you have a good look even having just woken up.

3. Your permanent make-up will not run while you are swimming, crying or touching your eyes.

4. It is a solution for those people, who suffer from allergy and can not apply make-up on a daily basis.

5. You can be various changing your appearance almost each month or year, as these tattoos can be either permanent, or semi-permanent.

6. Also you can diversify your look adding cosmetics make-up over the permanent one enhancing your appearance.

7. And the most important fact is your ability to look very best all the time like you have just left a salon.

Permanent Makeup_2

But there are also some risks about usage of tattoos. Think twice as:

1. It gives a permanent effect, so it is almost impossible to experiment.

2. The most risky thing is the fact that a possible result of your tattoo can be disliked by you or change its look with the age (the areas can wrinkle, stretch or get a suntan).

3. The master you turned to can be far from a professional and do a bad job even spreading an infection.

4. You can have an allergic reaction as dyes are unnatural for the person’s body.

Permanent make-up is a nice thing for confident and courageous people, who are ready to experiment with their appearance. So evaluate all the pros & cons and decide yourself, whether it suits you or not.

Permanent Makeup


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