Plank: Lose Weight in 2 minutes a day

Plank: Lose Weight in 2 minutes a day

Plank is a popular exercise. Recently 57-year-old George Hood set a record, having stood at the plank for 5 hours! So in this article you will get to know why it is useful and how to perform it correctly.

George Hood world record abdominal planking 5:15

“This is a static exercise, during which worked out abdominal muscles, back, shoulders and buttocks. It uses the maximum amount of the body’s muscles, making it a versatile exercise “, – explained the expert.

Agree, just 2 minutes per day are to get the result soon in the form of tighten abdominal muscles, arms and legs! Moreover, increasing time to 5-7 minutes you can improve the result.

Please note that people with problematic backbone should be very careful performing the plank.

Edward Ghazaryan offers brief instructions: “Put your elbows directly under your shoulders, forearms should be parallel to each other, pelvis tighten up inside, as if you want to connect the stomach and groin. But make sure that your buttocks do not stick out. Stretch your legs in a straight line. And let the neck be a continuation of the spine. Make sure that during the exercise working all muscle groups. And of course, breathe deeply and evenly, do not hold your breath.
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