Recipe of Chocolate Small Pancakes

Small, delicious chocolate small pancakes are a great breakfast and an excellent dessert for lovers ofchocolate baking! You can cook them quickly. Chocolate small pancakes are delicious hot or warm. Try thistasty delicacy cold with whipped cream, sour cream, or condensed milk! Chocolate small pancakes are tender, have a pleasant rich chocolate flavor and color. They are so tasty, that starting trying them, youwill feel it is difficult to stop it! When cooking these tasty and tender small chocolate pancakes you will feel how your house is filled with the delightful smell of chocolate. Start your morning with a tempting sweet taste of chocolate small pancakes, and you will make your day the best one.

• Recipe of chocolate small pancakes

To cook these chocolate small pancakes we need the following ingredients:
Greek yogurt, powdered sugar, eggs, cocoa powder, baking soda, refined sunflower oil, and wheat flour.
For 5-7 portions you should take:
• Greek yogurt – 400 milliliters
• Wheat Flour – 300 grams
• Sugar – 60 grams
• Cocoa – 40 grams
• 1 Egg
• Baking Soda– 2 grams
• Lemon juice – 5 milliliters
• Vegetable oil – to your taste

Mix lemon juice, egg and sugar in a deep bowl. Then add the other ingredients – wheat flour, baking soda,cocoa and yogurt. Using blender or mixer, mix everything until it becomes smooth. The dough, which youwill get should be thick and resemble sour cream in its consistency.

Heat the pan and add sunflower or other vegetable flower on its hot surface. You should fry your smallchocolate pancakes on a very hot pan from both sides. During the process of cooking, you will see how yoursmall pancakes are growing in their size and become lush.

If you wish to get the better taste of these small pancakes, use real melted chocolate and eat these softdelightful dessert with whipped cream.

100 grams of chocolate pancakes have 13.81% of protein, 29.89% of fat and 56.3% of carbohydrates. Thereare 247 Kilocalories in 100 grams of these read tasty little things.

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