Short haircuts: Pros and Cons

Challenge to society

In the beginning of the XXth century, when a woman cut her hair, it was a shock or a challenge to society. In all countries, traditionally women were supposed to have long hair. The short haircuts were coming into our life gradually. A woman was born to take care about her hair like about the treasure. Eastern countries women still are not allowed to cut their hair. In several religions, there is a tradition: a woman cuts her hair only when her husband dies. Her haircut sings about her grief and mourning.

Short haircuts

In 1914 Irene Castle, the dancer, started to perform having a short haircut. Since that time, she was considered a model of taste and style. Many women that time followed her example and cut their hair. However, the real boom in society was furor of famous Coco Chanel in 1917. Thanks her hairstyle, short haircut have become very popular, because Gabriel did not follow fashion, she created it.

Sure, the greatest influence on the women’s hairstyle had the political situation of the time. The First World War was raging. The men went to the front, and women replaced them in everyday life. They were working hard, doing often the work, their husbands, brothers and fathers used to do. It was trendy: to be independent and strong. Certainly, such a woman had to have short hair. With time women haircuts changed. Some of them were very complicated, but several fashionable haircuts were very simple.
Short haircuts
Short haircuts

Hollywood celebrities

Currently, Hollywood celebrities inspire us to make short haircuts. Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Michelle Williams and many others are standards of beauty for many of girls today.
Short haircuts

Short haircuts

Short haircuts

Short hair makes any woman bold, open, sexy, and daring. Many men are attracted to these traits. Some gentlemen find girls with short hair very sexual and feminine. The survey showed that more than 50% of men find girls with short hair very attractive. Some guys even prefer their girls must (!) have short haircut.

Choosing long or short hair is something very individual, but sometimes women have to wear only haircuts. If a woman really has no time to take care about her long hair (large family, too much work), she’d better visit a stylist and take his (or hers) recommendations about the haircut style. Another situation: a woman has a very thick hair. In this case, long hair will look worse than the simplest haircut.

Some girls want to experiment with their hair, but can’t dare to cut it. There is a simple lifehack, which will help you to understand if you really need to cut your long hair or never do it. The famous stylist John Frieda invented the magic formula, and it is called “5.7 centimeters.
For a very long time he studied the different hairstyles and haircuts developed for different types of people, when suddenly realized a very unusual thing. Everything is decided by the angle between the lower jaw is and the ear. This method is simple, accurate and reliable and works for all facial contours.
Short haircuts

To determine whether a short haircut matches you, press a pencil to your chin, holding it horizontally. At the same time take the ruler and match its zero mark with the earlobe, and keep it upright. Now look at the number, which the tip of the pencil shows on the ruler. If it is 5.7 cm or less, the short hair will match you. The result is bigger: you should better let your hair grow longer.

Probably, it will be better to weight all pros and cons of a haircut and long hair, compare them and choose your style. Here they are.

• Pros of long hair:

– You look very feminine,
– You can change the hairstyle every day and even several times a day,
– Long hair is the best accessory of a girl,
– Long hair can hide some problems with appearance.

• Cons of long hair:

– Too much attention. When you have long hair, people always pay attention first at your hair, then- at you.
– Much time which you spend to take care about it,
– Combing and brushing long hair is painful sometimes.

• Pros of short hair:

– Attention. Even today a girl with a very short haircut is a challenge to society. She arises interest.
– Face. Short hair accents your face and opens your neck. It adds you much sexuality.
– Character. To cut long hair, a girl should have a very strong character.
– Very easy care: just use shampoo, hairdryer and a comb.

• Cons of short hair:

– You should always keep your hairdo tidy.
– Short hair shows your pluses, but it reveals all minuses of your appearance.
– You need to be an “expert” in choosing accessories, especially earrings and necklaces.

Considering all the stuff, mentioned above, you will easily make your own choice and pick long or short hairdo.

Short haircuts
Short haircuts

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