Simple and Healthy Fruit Salads

Salad in orange


Salad in orange will delight guests with its beautiful and unusual design. This salad can be served as a separate dish, and as a garnish for dishes. It is very easy to prepare. Salad, the original vase with orange decorate any holiday table!
Ingredients for making salad in orange:

Oranges – 4
Apples- 2
Celery root – 250 gr.
Canned pineapple – 250 grams.
Lemon – 1
Mayonnaise – 100 gr.
Walnuts peeled – 100 gr.
Sugar, 1/4 teaspoon
Black pepper powder – to taste
Salt – to taste

For our salad we take big oranges.Take a knife and make from them curly baskets, cut the oranges in half to make baskets. Then gently take everything out  with the help of tablespoon, remove the white fibers.
Add Apples
Apples are very harmoniously fit into our salad, giving it a special taste. Grab a board and cut the peeled apples into small cubes, then put off to the side.


To begin, thoroughly wash the celery, then clean it with a knife from a rough skin and wash again. Then cut it into small cubes. Take the celery, put into the pan and fill it with boiling water, after 30 minutes boiling water is drained, and then pour cold water with the juice of half a squeezed lemon (lemon previously well washed), leave for 10 minutes. Then reject celery in a colander and dry it.

Cut canned pineapple

Preparing sauce
To do this, take the mayonnaise, mix it with sugar, black pepper and salt. The sauce is ready!

Mix ingredients
In shallow but broad plate mix sliced ​​oranges into small pieces, cut the apples, celery, canned pineapple. Cleared walnuts ground with a knife and part (approximately half) mix with ingredients. Watered with the second half of squeezed lemon and fill the salad with prepared sauce, mix all.

Spread a salad of curly orange baskets, sprinkle with the remaining walnuts, or you can also sprinkle cranberries. Serve the salad on the table on a large flat plate. Salad in orange is ready!

Bon appetit!

Salad with watermelon

Sweet, fragrant, juicy watermelon – a wonderful dessert after dinner. Watermelons are also known as medicine. In some countries watermelon is one of the few sources of water. Watermelon helps those who want to lose weight, its flesh contains few calories and is it possible in large quantities. Watermelon peel frequently used as a bowl. It can be an excellent ingredient for making various original dishes. Here is a recipe salad with watermelon.
Ingredients for salad with watermelon

pulp of one medium-sized watermelon
fresh pineapple – 250 g
feta cheese – 100 g
fresh basil leaves
olive oil – 2 tablespoons
pine nuts – 100 g
lemon – 1
ground black pepper
Take the pulp of a watermelon, cut into triangular pieces, cleaned of seeds. Put on a dish.



Take the pineapple
Cut slices of fresh pineapple and laid on top of the watermelon.

Take feta cheese
Take feta cheese, rub it on a coarse grater. Crumble it on top of pineapple. Feta cheese can be replaced.


Sprinkle with pine nuts, basil leaves, sprinkled with olive oil and the juice of one lemon. You can dive a little bit of black pepper. Serve on the table.
Bon appetit!
– If no pine nuts, they can substituted by roasted peanuts;
– You can use canned pineapple.

Fruit salad

Fruit salad – is not just useful dessert, but also delicious, hearty breakfast, lunch or light dinner dessert. Salad is prepared quickly, it will take you no more than 15 minutes, and the result will delight your children, guests or loved one during a romantic dinner. Equally useful goodies sure to become one of your favorite foods.
Ingredients for cooking fruit salad:

Kiwi – 2
Apple – 1
Banana – 1
Orange -1
Cream (10% fat) – 100 ml

Prepare ingredients
First we need to rinse all fruits under cold running water, then drain. Peel a banana, remove excess fibers then clean kiwi, orange and apple.

Cut Fruit
Now slice the banana, apple and kiwi on medium cubes. Orange divide into slices, then cut into small pieces. Now all fruit mix in a deep bowl, season with cream.

Serve fruit salad
As decoration can use fresh sprig of lemon balm.

Bon appetit to you!

– This salad can also be filled with yogurt, kefir or together with balls of ice cream.

– As a decoration you can also use nuts, grated chocolate or pomegranate seeds.

– The ingredients can also be replaced.

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