Top 10 countries worth visiting

Travelling all over the world is a dream of every person, so there is a top list of countries definitely worth visiting. Usually people choose countries offering a variety of sights, picturesque views and abundance of inspiration.

Italy is a concentration of beauty with Venice, Florence and Rome. There are natural masterpieces of rolling hills, snow-peaked mountains and vineyards. The Amalfi Coast or Lake Maggiore and the Alps are the desire of every artist.


Greece is a synonym to the world’s best beaches and ancient ruins. Majestic Mt. Olympus, Athens, extraordinary Meteora, Delphi, Santorin are for those who are looking for original aesthetic inspiration.

Greece2 Greece1

Spain still retains its medieval charm with its geographical variety locating the plains of Andalusia and the mountain ranges of the Pyrenees. The most popular attractions are Barcelona, Madrid, Cordoba together with the grandest, incomparable architectural treasures the Alhambra or the Great Mosque of Cordoba. This country can be a backdrop for any film or book.


South Africa is one of the most contradictory places in the world. Its capital is often avoided, though other places have wonderful conditions to get memorable experiences of a variety of landscapes and the beauty of Cape Town with its refreshing look of the globe.

Cape Town cape-town4

The word France is associated with the Eifel Tower, though it can be accompanied by the grandeur of its cafes, vineyards, charming countryside. It also houses the world’s greatest palace Versailles and the Louvre, Mont St. Michel and the Chamonix valley. It has a perfect romantic atmosphere, especially due to its capital.



Germany is a country welcoming its visitors not only with medieval towns, exquisite views, but also with its wonderful traditions and the highest level of living. It is a place to explore amazing green hills, icy peaks, gorgeous lakes of the Alps, the vineyards of the Rhine and historical heritage of the greatest musicians, architects, artists with a chance to taste unbeatable beer and delicious cuisine.

Germany Germany1

Brazil is a country of natural wonders. You can not miss such splendors as the Amazon, the horseshoe shaped falls of Iguacu, the Pantanal Marshlands, real jungles and the relics of the Maya and the Inca. But its main magnitude is a night in Rio di Janeiro with incomparable partying and carnivals.

Brazil Brazil1

The USA is one of the largest countries in the world with a majority of breathtaking sceneries and natural treasures. Numerous national parks, the Grand Canyon, clear waters of Lake Tahoe, the Hawaiian Islands, the wildlife in Alaska, California’s Big Sur are only the minimal number of tourist destinations that are worth visiting.

The USA1 The USA

The USA2
Portugal attracts with its brilliant beaches, old castles, vibrant landscapes and cobblestone paved villages. It is a place to experience good wine and endless parties, mystical capes of the mainland and the serene plains.

Portugal Portugal1

Australia is a continent with unique flora and fauna. It includes an exotic terrain, the uninhabited island, a stone monolith and a range of landscapes. The iconic urban areas such as Sydney and Melbourne are the centers of thrilling entertainment.

Gold-Coast-Australia sydney-opera-house-australia-2


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