Top 5 Ways to Burn Excess Calories with Fun

Weight increases not only because someone eats too much. Often the matter is the lack of physical activity. How to burn excess calories with fun?

Method 1: Water Aerobics (530 kcal per 1 hour with a weight of 70 kg)
Summer – the perfect time to sit in the nearest water (especially if this is not a bath). Forget about complicated counting exercises and approaches. Just dive into the water and begin to move, overcoming the resistance. Run, jump, wave the arms and legs. And in order to increase the load, you can put on or take up fins.
Bonus: the elastic skin without cellulite, emotional unloading.

Burn Calories
Method 2: Lessons in dance class (500 kcal for 1.5 hours)
Energy consumption depends on how vigorously you shake your hips in a dance, and other parts of the body. However, even slow waltz burns more calories than brisk walking.
Bonus: a good mood and getting rid of the complexes.
You can dance in a club or at home. Turn on your favorite music and move at your leisure.
Burn Calories
Method 3: Horseback Riding
Even if the horse under you dragged a slow pace, and you are relaxed, 500 kcal “burn” in 2 hours. A little more professional riders at an average pace spend the same energy in 1.5 times faster.
Bonus: communication with horses (hippotherapy), “massage with warming” (the temperature of the animal is in a few degrees above the human), improved posture and coordination of movements.

Burn Calories
Method 4: Riding a bike
The number of calories burned depends on the weight and how fast you move. At sufficiently relaxed speed of 8 km / h average woman will cope with 500 calories for 1 hour 10 minutes.
Bonus: the ability to get anywhere, and see new places.
Burn Calories

Method 5: Bowling (500 calories in 2 hours)
You think it is easy? No, there should be made a lot of efforts. The weight of the ball, efforts to go to the track and wide swing  – all this perfectly replace a boring workout.
Bonus: the ability to determine the distance to the object and calculate the trajectory of the ball, and as a result – improving the mental reactions.
Burn Calories

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