Top list of Best Cocktails

Nowadays hardly there is a person who doesn’t taste cocktails. Cocktail is a mix of several drinks. While making a cocktail it is necessary to keep to a rule that you shouldn’t mix more than five ingredients. Also some additional components such as salt, sugar, various kinds of spices are used. The composition of cocktails may be different but the majority of them are prepared with the help of ice. That’s why it is necessary to pay much attention to the preparation of such an irreplaceable ingredient, because only purified or mineral water is used.

Despite of a great number of various cocktails and drinks still there are the most popular ones, the names of which are well known to everybody.

The first one is Mojito, which is prepared from white rum and spearmint. There are two types of this cocktail: 34660_dia_1425_950_mojito_37_$$069a0000001gynqiaylow-alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Firstly Mojito appeared in Cuba and slowly it gained popularity in the USA in1980. Traditionally Mojito consists of five ingredients, such as
• mint
• rum
• sugar
• lime
• sparkling water
A perfect combination of sweet and refreshing citrus with mint made this cocktail one of the most popular all over the globe. While preparing a non-alcoholic cocktail, rum is substituted by water with cane sugar. This cocktail is prepared by mixing all the ingredients. In some countries strawberry, orange or apple juice is added to the cocktail.

Cosmopolitan cocktail is the main character of an ample quantity of films, parties and series. Approximately cosmopolitan-550pxeveryone heard about this cocktail but no one knows that it was created by woman, who didn’t like when people ordered Martini in order to underline their social status. She tried to invent something, which was simultaneously presentable and tasty. For a long period of time this cocktail associated with gay clubs because it was the main drink of gays. It is served usually in cocktail glasses, which are called martini glasses. The main ingredients are as follows:
• Orange liqueur
• Cranberry juice
• Lemon juice
• Vodka



Pina Colada associated with sweet and long-awaited holidays. It is a Caribbean cocktail. Firstly it was a fresh pineapple juice and some time later rum and sugar was added. But only in the middle of the previous century in one bar appeared the recipe of Pina Colada which is well-known nowadays. It consists of:
• Rum
• Coconut liqueur
• Pineapple juice

Speaking about this cocktail it must be said that it is more popular among women for its acidic and sweet taste.
It is difficult not to include Margarita into the list of the greatest cocktails. It has Latin-American origin. There is a wide selection of legends concerning its origin but one must admit the fact that certainly a woman with the name Margarita was due in no small part to it. It is considered to be a summer cocktail and the main components are:
• Tequila
• Orange liqueur
• Lemon juice
Ice is also a key component and all the ingredients are mixed in blender.
During the period of “dry law” the most simple and strong cocktail was created in the USA. It is Long IslLong-Island-Iced-Tea-Bigand Ice-tea Cocktail. It became very popular because it looked like a glass of cold tea. The main components are not for weak people and are as follows:
• White rum
• Gin
• Vodka
• Tequila
• Cola
• Tea

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