What to eat before and after training

The main thing to know what you can and should eat before and after training. So, if you going to gym and want to get toned body with a beautiful relief of muscle, organism must have more protein foods.

It contains in: meat, poultry, liver, dairy products, cheese, eggs, cheese, seafood (but not crab sticks), soy.

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However, only one protein to eat is not correct,  in the diet should be presented carbohydrates, which can be found in buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, barley and fruit. Of course, vegetables are necessary.

Before training it’s necessary to eat at least two and a half hours for the stomach was not scored, but that you did not experience hunger. So to train effectively you should have enough energy.Gym

Carbohydrate food you can get from eating oatmeal or buckwheat with some salad. You can eat fruit, just remember that the most high-calorie considered to be grapes and bananas.

Firstly,  after training it’s better to eat foods rich in protein. This protein is so to speak a designer for a beautiful muscles.

After execising is recommended to eat cottage cheese with sour cream or yogurt, a glass of milkshake, but without sugar, lean poultry, fish or egg protein or squid. As regards milk,  it clearly should be low in fat content. Milk, for example, not more than 1.5% fat,  yogurt – 1%, the curd is not more than 5%.

It is better to eat steamed, or grilled or boiled food and avoid fried.

Of cou6126015150_7838eb4049rse,sometimes you want something tasty.

For a change of menu, you can make hot salads, for example: boiled chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs,  cheese and olives, plus lettuce. To fill this salad can be a teaspoon of sauce. Or slices of beef stew, add the arugula, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and sunflower seeds or pumpkin, season with some red sauce.

And most important – sport should not be an episode in life, become part of it. Only regular exercise will help to stay young and active.

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