White pants: looks, tips, ideas

White pants: looks, tips, ideas

If you follow certain rules, white pants can be worn by all the girls and women, regardless of complexion.

The fact that the white color reflects light, and thus to complete, is a well known fact for almost everyone. But, most likely, not all of you know that if to put on white pants, for example, with a shirt with a print (which, by definition, attracts more attention than a monochromatic fabric) white colour begins to “work” as the dark.

In practice this means that:

Plus-sized girls and women with a figure of “pear” should wear white pants with any printed top. Perfect your style with white trousers – classic straight or slightly flared at bottom. The optimal length – to the middle of the heel or at 5-7 cm above the ankle.

High-heeled shoes, of course, are not required, but highly desirable.

To visually enlarge the top of your look it is recommend for “pear” to buy a sailor’s striped vest, and especially – with dropped armholes: horizontal stripes visually expand the narrow chest and stocking armhole add a couple of centimeters to narrow shoulders.

Full-figured beauties with the figure “inverted triangle” should wear loose trousers.Put on your white pants solid color top in a contrasting color with no print.

Girls and women with the figure “apple” advised to wear white trousers of classic style with a long flared tunic or T-shirt and an unbuttoned shirt underneath.

White bottom – black top

As was said, there is no color in nature, which is not combined with white.
There isn’t the stronger contrast than black and white. A black top with white pants wore icon of style and sex Marilyn Monroe:

s-chem-nosit-belye-bryuki belye-bryuki-chernyi-top


A black jacket can be put on with white shirt and shirt the same colour.

For white skinny jeans and a white shirt, wear a golden belt and take the white clutch:

With milky large knitted sweater and beige boots:

cropped-top-and-skinny-pants-and-heels-and-crossbody-bag-and-jacket-large-2292 navy-button-down-shirt-and-white-silk-wide-leg-pants-and-black-sandals-original-1872
flared-white-pants 5-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Elin-Kling-White-Minimal-Tee-Wide-Leg-Pants-Bright-Lipstick-2

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